INFRAVATION BRUSSELS, an award for Spanish sme

Badennova be present in the first edition of the Fair INFRAVATION (Road Infrastructure – Innovation Expo) in Brussels, organized by the Forum of European National Research Laboratories of Highways (FEHRL). The International Association of roads in Europe that includes more than 30 national institutions dedicated to research and technical development on issues related to road infrastructure.

The 4th, 5th and 6th of June we will be in the Belgian capital Diamant Center in a booth showing especially the technological advances that involves BIV (Baden Intelligent Speed). Badennova has achieved significant presence in this meeting through an international competition for SMEs, placing Badennova as one of the winners of a free space at the show.

Infravation is an international fair of research and innovation in road infrastructure, to be held for the first time this year in Brussels between 4 and June 6.

The objectives to be discussed at this fair include increasing awareness and innovation Infravation general infrastructure, promoting intermediation between innovative companies and potential project partners Infravation and contribute to the development of the last call for proposals Infravation.

Since we are an innovative company as guests will attend the event and take the chance to promote our site BIV. We meet at a Stand, in which we will make available to the public everything related to our product and show you all the advantages in terms of safety of the product. We will also be publicly available to answer any questions about the product realization.


infravation bruselas